What to visit when in Cassino


Cassino, the "South Gate", in addition to the beauties of the Ciociaria, you can easily reach the most interesting tourist destinations of Central South Italy.

We are 150 km from Rome and 70 km from Naples.

Tourism of Memory

Cassino is mainly subject to religious and memory tourism.

The most popular destinations for tourists arriving in the Martyr City are the Abbey, the Historiale and the war cemeteries, places with strong attraction power for their symbolic value - sacred.

In particular, the Abbey of Montecassino in the period 1996-2010 was visited on average by about 570,000 visitors per year, confirming itself as one of the most important tourist places in Lazio outside Rome. There are also those who, taking advantage of the geographical position of the city, halfway between Rome and Naples and a short distance from the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park, choose Cassino as the base for their excursions, staying in the many hotels or camping based in the city.

Overall, however, despite the great potential of Cassino and the area of Cassinate, tourism is still a resource still under-exploited economically.

Cassino, in fact, is the destination for the most part of daily excursion flows, which are often not integrated with the local economic system and, therefore, bring little benefit to the city economy.


Montecassino is an altitude of 520m, located in the province of Frosinone and located about 130km southeast of Rome and 2km from Cassino.

Around the year 529, Saint Benedict of Norcia established on this place his first monastery, from which derived the Benedictine order.

During the Second World War, the place became famous as the theatre of the homonymous battle of Montecassino, which took place in 1944, and which saw the building be destroyed by allied bombardments. It was later rebuilt after the end of the conflict.

The place was visited by various ecclesiastical authorities, including a visit of Pope Benedict XVI in May 2009.


Gaeta is a magic resting on a promontory that creeps into the gulf of the same name. It’s magic wherever you look at it. If you come from Formia, its profile stands out between the sea and the sky, where the sun setting reddens the whole panorama. If you come from Terracina, suddenly appears and shows its famous beach, wide, white with fine sand.

If you look from above it appears in all its defensive power that have made it famous in history and where the castles that rise on the historic center are still to witness it. Finally, If you walk along its waterfront, on one side you can target the sailboats that are moored in its marina and, on the other, you can snoop, in the late afternoon, between the fresh fish stalls which is sold as soon as unloaded by local fishing vessels.


Aquino is an Italian municipality of 5,309 inhabitants of the province of Frosinone in Lazio.

The city is located in the valley of the Liri, rich of waters, including those of the same river Liri, which converge from the mountains that enclose the valley: until the sixteenth century were near the urban nucleus three lakes, then drained.

Aquino was an important center, commercial and productive along the ancient Via Latina, today it is still an important transit place on the North-South directive: here the A1, the via Casilina and two railway sections Rome - Naples converge.

The settlement has ancient origins, but of uncertain dating. The territory seems to have been inhabited since the Neolithic Age and became Volsco in the IV century B.C. The city is founded by the Volsci who defended it from the Samnites, before the Roman colonization.

In 211 B.C. he used the title of Urbs, which was then the prerogative of Rome alone. In 125 B.C. the nearby town of Fregellae was destroyed (it was in the present Arce territory): Aquinas' strategic importance grew and became the most important nucleus in the area between Rome and Capua. In imperial times it was until the III century a Town Hall with "right of coinage".

Today part of the Diocese of Sora - Aquino - Pontecorvo, has been episcopal sie at least since the fifth century (Constantine).


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"Our Adventures in Italy!"

Our trip began with a hike in Parco Nationale Abruzzo, while we made our way to the Almafi Coast. We stopped in Cassino and stayed at this wonderful small boutique hotel. The rooms were nice, the grounds were immaculate, the hotel restaurant food was delicious! The one thing that stood out was the very hardworking hotel owner, Fabio. He wanted to ensure we had the best experience at his hotel...

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"Piero, wedding date: 09/30/2017"

We organized our wedding in this wonderful hotel restaurant. The atmosphere was magical, from the buffet in the garden with attention to the smallest details to the room with windows on Montecassino. We have found professionalism and courtesy as well as high quality in the organization and in the freshness and goodness of the dishes. The suite in which we stayed was equipped with all the comforts. We are delighted to have celebrated our wedding here and we thank all the staff. Pierre and Fede

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"Elegance with a personal touch"

Nice decor with a local flavor. Staff is remarkably friendly, helpful and capable. The included breakfast is excellent and so is the restaurant. Food prices are reasonable. Free wifi works well. Beds are very comfortable...

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"Martina Corso, wedding date: 16/09/2017"

After celebrating baptism, communion, confirmation and 18 years at Hotel al Boschetto, the most important event could not be missing: my yes. Fabulous wedding thanks to the owners who are always on the front line and to all the super efficient staff. From the menu chosen to the sugared almond they have made everything magical and unique. Because in addition to experience and professionalism, it is enclosed in their simplicity, Kindness, Garbo. Perfect price quality. Satisfactory menu. Confetti, Rum and cigars. Perfect table decoration ...

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"Gorgeous setting, great choice of food"

Lunched here after whistle stop visit to Cassino. Really lovely and clean and very impressive setting/decor. Really impressed when you walk in to be greeted by uniformed waiters (is it in "Silver Service" uniform that this should be described? ...

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"Gianluca Fargnoli, wedding date: 09/09/2017"

Hotel restaurant at the grove for many years offers, for ceremonies, a professional and quality service. The managers are at the customer's service for every need, courtesy and kindness. The quality of the kitchen is the strong point of the restaurant, combined with a spacious and elegant room and the many details taken care of by the managers. The outdoor garden with its scenographic lake is also beautiful for shooting. Satisfied with my marriage and all the times I've been there ...

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